The Sentient is a challenging space exploration simulation game where everything in space is currently a mystery.  Interactions with aliens have not gone well and no one can even understand them yet.  It is truly up to the player to help guide mankind's future.

The game is currently being built for PC.


The game consists of traveling and exploring various galaxies and sectors of space while attempting to bring research back to Earth via an orbital station known as "The Ark."  While at the Ark you are able to recruit others in order to aid you in your endeavors, upgrade and change the layout of your ship,  and research and improve new technologies in order to aid you on future missions.  When away from the Ark, your decisions can result in the life or death of your crew members.  Since this is mankind's first real exploration of space, everything must be discovered in order to attempt to work with or against aliens.


  • Living Breathing Crew - Each crew members has needs that they must fulfill on a daily basis.  They must sleep, eat, relieve themselves etc.
  • Crew Member Experience - Crew members will level up their skills via continuous use.  
  • Permadeath - Losing a crew member in space is permanent. 
  • Macro and Micromanagement - Crew members can be given a daily schedule in which to work and operate on the ship, or you can step in.
  • Full Customization of Your Ship - Design the entire layout of your ship, from the weapon systems to where the toilet should be.  
  • Procedurally Generated Star System and Sectors - Each play through will have a very large created sector map with randomized events to make each game different.  
  • Explore - Participate in various dynamic ship and location events and make the decisions that you feel are best for your crew. 
  • Continuous Research - As with all technology once something is discovered it is not simply left alone, it is continuously improved.  In The Sentient you can do this as well.  All technology can be continuously improved like your weapon systems, hull and various abilities in order to truly conquer the stars.
  • Unique Alien Races - Each alien race has their own tactics and ships.  Learn what truly makes them tick in order to determine the best choices for the job.
  • Risk Versus Reward Exploration - The further out you go in space in a continuous run the more research you will be able to obtain.  If your ship is lost all research from that sector will be lost as well.
  • Play The Way You Want - If you never want to learn alien communications, and only focus on weapon systems the choice is truly yours.