Dev Blog #32 - Early Access Launch and Alpha V4.1

Early Access Launch


The Early Access launch has gone over even better than expected.  We have gotten a lot of constructive feedback and begun making multiple changes with the game.  Several of them have already made it in like the ability to change screen resolution, and crew movement enhancements.

We plan to continue to work on the changes as well as our intended plans and features over the months ahead.

During launch we have even had some players unlock additional ships putting in hours of work to learn the research trees and best combinations.  Several people have even managed the hardest achievement to accomplish which is 1 flight crew member and 1 mechanic clearing an entire sector.  Players always find ways to be creative!

Alpha V4.1

The latest patch has been uploaded to steam as well fixing some of the launch bugs along with additional quality of life features that players have requested.  This should help quite a bit with some of the game loading issues.  The full patch notes can be found here  and a personalized message is on steam.