Dev Blog #27 - Alpha V3.4, Female Mechanics and more content

Alpha V3.4

Alpha V3.4 has now been uploaded to steam.  This build adds the female mechanics to the game for added diversity and crew management.  Overall polish has been added to the event system along with the inclusion of now visually meeting several of the alien races.  There has also been a bit of behind the scene work to help speed up the game in terms of loading data. Take a look at the changelist notes for a more in depth look.

Female Mechanics

Female mechanics are now reporting for duty and can be recruited via the recruitment screen.  The female characters have their own set of animations and idles to differentiate themselves from the men characters.  The differences are solely visual as the needs and requirements are the same.

New Alien lifeform Detected

Additional content has been added to the game with more alien races and overall event polish.  More content will continue to be added upon release.

Each alien race has their own wants and needs and reacts to your interactions with them.  Learning how they operate is the point over time.