Alpha 3.0 Patch Notes


  • Can no longer change ships while at Earth until additional ships are unlocked.  

Build Optimizations

  • Build size and memory footprint have been reduced by an additional 30%.

Crew Members

  • Crew text now contains a black outline so that it can be read against any background.


  • Can now be skipped after completing the first time.


  • Added a larger margin to edges to help with reading.  Still pending upon finalized font.

Save And Load

  • Additional checks put in place to preserve game data.


  • Game settings will now be saved between play sessions.

Ship Objects

  • Plants should be considers a 1 width object size now and should be able to placed into small spaces once again.


  • Crew member walking sound effect volume and proximity have been increased.
  • New Sound Effects added.
    • Ambiance has been added to several rooms when in use.
      • Engines
      • Command Deck
    • Room doors now have full sfx.
    • Hyperdrive system has new effects when entering, exiting and when it is ran.
    • Tunnel entrance.
  • Decreased the volume for the command deck consoles.
  • Decreased volume of menu mousehover and click sfx.


  • Turrets should now be properly placed on the turret mounts.


  • A brand new tutorial system has been created.  The tutorial should now walk you through the basics of gameplay and hint at the idea that most of the game focuses on as far as exploration and your own choices of how you build out your ships.
  • After completing the majority of the tutorial you can skip it in future playthroughs.
  • Skipping the tutorial will provide the same amount of rewards you receive when going through it the first time.



  • Toilets occassionally appear to be backed up and crew members can not use them.  Use 1 toilet in restroom to fix.