• 5 additional achievements have been added.


  • Damage mitigation from the remaining shields will now calculate properly upon each hit.  It was meant to be an inverse relationship.
  • When the turret is initially fired it will maintain the selected target's subsystem that was selected at the time of launch.
  • Enemy ships will no longer regenerate shields when destroyed.
  • Turrets will no longer fire at normal speed and will when fired react based on the current game speed.


  • Fixed an issue where current crew displays incorrectly when no flight crew members are on the ship.


  • The far background layer has been updated.
  • Doors have now been added to the entry way to rooms.
  • Shadows
    • Crew members now have differing shadows for being in the hallway compared to being in the rooms.
    • Room objects will only show their shadows when lights are on and crew members are in the room.


  • Battleships will now upgrade at a slower pace increasing each part individually versus all components.  This is to increase the need to upgrade to bigger ships.
  • Upgrading the ship will now properly update the ship supplies when upgraded.


  • Engines
    • The FTL Drive should now properly animate once again when in flight.