Alpha V2.3 Patch Notes


  • Doubled the amount of time the ship will explode when breaking apart after being destroyed.


  • Massive content update spanning the entire game.  This content provides thousands of possibilities based on the randomness factor to allow for many potential changes to events and results.
  • Events now have the possibility to cause crew members to be lost due to bad choices and circumstances.
  • Events now have the possibility to cause ship damage dependent upon the choices made while exploring.
  • Cleaned up the choices text and centered them where applicable.

Alpha V2.2 Patch Notes


  • Changing ships will now place crew members back into the recruitment pool. These crew members are not permanent if not recruited again.
  • When a crew member levels up you can now increase their skills directly by clicking on them and viewing their skills via the selection menu found in the bottom right of the screen.  Simply click on the skill you wish to increase as it will be highlighted with a green tint.
  • Crew members when working on the ship should continue to leave to fulfill their needs constantly.  Right now they are forced to go at 20% of their need requirement however a new slider will allow players to change this value in an upcoming patch.
  • Loading crew members will now properly set their perks and issues.


  • Cleaned up the empty event location event.
  • Updates to various events in preparation for content update.


  • Updated the back wall graphics for room layouts by thickening the lines in order to clearly see the designs in the walls and to aid in determining what each room is.


  • Old saves will no longer work with version 2.2.  In the future the loader will check to verify if the patch is capable of loading.


  • All selectable ship objects will now show a hover cursor indicating that it can be left clicked.  When a crew member is selected that can interact with the object proper context menu icons will still appear with the ability to right click to use.  
  • Removed the object label for ship objects as the ability to click to edit and detailed descriptions have been added.
  • Command Room
    • The galaxy map's hologram now is enabled and moves when the ship is ready for travel.  When it is not the hologram does not move as it aids in providing a visual cue to the player for something to click and interact with.
  • Cafeteria
    • Food Replicator should now properly show the correct crew member using it.


  • Sound effects that loop will now properly adhere to the volume set in the settings menu.


  • Crew Management 
    • Removed the UI elements popping in on initial crew management load.
    • You can now only select the pilot option when pilots have been unlocked.
    • Fixed alignment of current skill stats.

Alpha V2.1 Patch Notes


  • Six additional achievements have been added.
  • All current achievements are now hooked up and obtainable in game.


  • Default cursor once again properly return to normal when closing the build menu.
  • Removing rooms will now properly remove the back wall objects and the default top lights.
  • You can no longer place 1 width room objects into the crevices of the rooms.
  • Wall lights can no longer be placed in floating locations.  Must now properly be attached to a wall.


  • Fix for rare bug where enemy hull does not explode from a hit when its health reaches 0.


  • Additional guards have been put in place for crew management saves.
  • Fixed a path finding issue that could occur immediately upon enlisting new recruits.
  • Loading a save will now remove selected game objects.  You will need to click the appropriate crew member or object once again in case you had it clicked when you saved the game.


  • Crew Management
    • Updated the icon for removing the crew management system.
  • Sector Map
    • Sector map should now properly close when using the sector close button.
    • Opening the sector map will now properly disable the other middle screen UI interfaces.
  • Object selection should no longer be
  • The production monitors found in the command room will now properly lower and raise when the up and down arrows are selected.
  • Minimizing and raising the bottom UI elements now move on a set time instead of the current game speed to avoid confusion when clicked since it can still be interacted with while the game is paused.


Alpha V2 Patch Notes


  • Save and Load has now been added to the options panel.  You cannot save while in combat. 


  • Crew members walking on the right will now always appear to be in front of crew members walking on the left.


  • Updated the slides in the introduction  to now work via press any key functionality instead of the previous timed slides in order to take the time to read.


  • Reduced build size.


  • Updated the collision of all ship objects to accurately use mouse over options.
  • Updated selected object sorting order so that it no longer hides the fact the object is selected.


  • Cafeteria
    • Vending machine has been added to provide a bonus to food consumption in the room.
    • Trash can has been added to provide a bonus to cleanliness after food consumption.
  • Command Deck
    • Galaxy map now shows the sector map option when available for travel instead of old map system.  Old map system will be implemented again with the Pilot system.
    • Autopilot monitor has now been added.  This object can be placed on the command deck walls.  You can then click the monitor and decide whether the ship will fly using auto pilot or not.  This removed the requirement of having a flight crew member using the flight stick.  The flight stick still provides a dodge bonus based on your current crew members skill level.
    • Targeting monitors have been added to provide a bonus to attacking enemy ships.
  • Engine Room
    • Context sensitive mouse cursor has been added to the engine room when a mechanic is selected.


  • Menu hover and click sounds have been reduced by half.
  • Combat music will now play when the ship is in danger.


  • Additional checks to the tutorial text to avoid the blank text issue.


  • Time of day now has a bar to indicate the current time segment to help with determining schedules.
  • Loading screens have now been added.
  • Re centered the bottom overlay panel as it shifted during the performance improvements in 1.7.
  • Zoom In and Out has been added.
  • The object production monitors should now properly be removed upon selecting them again.