Alpha V1.7 Patch Notes


  • Icons for activities such as shield increases, fun increase or bathroom use will no longer appear over crew members heads as there are now full animations for all of these making the icons irrelevant.
  • The bladder decrease has been lowered by 50% when consuming food to avoid having to run to restroom after every meal.
  • Sleep animation has been altered to help with overall game polish.
  • Wandering time has been greatly reduced to deplete aimless roaming.
  • Will now run immediately in the event combat begins.
  • Animations will now appropriately transition to idle movement when reaching an item.


  • Locations that are lost now state TOO DANGEROUS as the location should not be explored by one ship vessel forcing all research points in the zone to be lost.
  • Return to earth is now stated on the bottom travel button when selecting earth.
  • FTL travel time has been by 50% to increase game speed.
  • Galaxy map should now properly redraw the screen when opened after the first time.  The map still redraws on changing the selected galaxy as intended.


  • Tunnel will now remain open while a new crew member is added
  • Several items are no longer selectable when they do not have any actual interaction capabilities and are mostly decorative.


  • Monitor output buttons should no longer clip with crew members heads.


  • Bathroom
    •  Bathroom stall and Shower properly displays the current user now.
  • Bar
    • Crew members by default when relaxing will prioritize sitting at the bar over the other objects in the room.
    • Telling a crew member to use a object in the bar while walking past the room should no longer have the crew members awkwardly standing in the bar's entrance.  All patrons are now welcome.
    • Crew members will only play the drink animation when they are actually consuming ship supplies.
  • Command Deck
    • Shield and weapon consoles when in use will now always produce a minimum of 1 unit despite the current users skill or morale level.
    • Command Chair has now been added to the schedule choices of the flight crew to help with organization.
    • Shield consoles placed on the bottom row when repaired will now properly return to their pristine look.
  • Crew Quarters
    • Game board in the crew quarters should now have crew members sitting properly.
  • Engine Room
    • The objects found in the engine room repair requests should now properly be shown.
    • Shield and Weapon Energy storage has now been added. Set a crew member to 


  • Now on by default.  Still requires the jukebox to fully turn off or change the track.
  • Now loops while playing the introduction.


  • Default ship layout rooms can now once again properly remove rooms cleanly.
  • Starter ship should no longer alter its quality during animations
  • Upon losing your ship a new window will now open showcasing what has been lost.  You then must choose reboot conciousness to return to earth and start with a new ship.  Losing the sector  results in no longer being able to return as it is deemed as too dangerous for a single ship.
  • Bar Tv and Command chair have been added as default room objects in the default ship layout design.
  • Mouse cursor now returns to normal upon the player's ship death in the event it was hovering over a selectable ship object.


  • Combat panel should no longer block the crew management, and research windows in the event you want to view them while a ship is attacking you.
  • Remove opacity from schedule view buttons when selected.


  • Shield Cursor should now properly appear when having a flight crew member selected with the mouse over 

Alpha V1.6 Patch Notes


  • Mechanics fixing an item located in the bottom tile of a room should now appear in front of the item.
  • Crew members should now always maintain their proper id numbers while on the ship.  New hotshots can no longer still other members ids and pass them off as their own.
  • Perks - Born Leader has now been activated.
  • Issues - The loner, and lead by example are now activated and causing the correct penalty.


  • While a flight crew member is selected in the event the shield console is moused over, a new shield console cursor will appear to help illustrate what can be done.


  • Lighting effects have been changed to a point light instead of a spot light in order to aid in performance.  Side room lights have been added to increase visibility.  Overall game brightness has been increased.


  • When traveling to a location in the event the ship is lost, not only are all research points lost but the sector also becomes deemed as too dangerous for a single ship.  Ultimately it reduces the amount of research possible but does not stop the game as the intent is you are on an exploration mission.
  • In the event of ship death the current location should be appropriately set back to the Earth system.
  • Returning to the ship selection screen should no longer impact being able to travel on the sector map.


  • Overall FPS has been increased due to an issue with dynamic lighting and the unity canvas system.  The game should no longer drop below 60 FPS as it was previously dropping below 30 frames at times.


  • Several ship objects will only be flagged as in use when a crew member is visually at the current location.
  • Bar
    • Tvs can now be added providing a fun bonus for all activities performed in the bar.  Currently only the news can be viewed.
  • Crew Quarters
    • Posters have now been added to help enhance the layout
      • Swim suit poster - Provides a fun bonus.
      • Recruitment poster - Provides an energy bonus.
      • Workout Poster - Provides a health bonus.
  • Command Deck
    • Command chair has been enabled once again.  The command chair uses the current users leadership score to give a bonus to others in the room based on their own skill at specific items.  For example a crew member with a leadership attribute of 10 with a console skill of 2 will give all others in the room using consoles a +2 production rate. A leadership score of 9 will give 90% where as a score of 11 would give 110%.  This value is also impacted by morale so having a good leader is another bonus for commanders to run a ship efficiently as a commander alone does not create points.


  • Music in the jukebox will now be heard throughout the entire ship of on a room basis to avoid each bar having colliding music resulting in a jumbled mess.


  • Updated the crew schedule panel to properly fit the repair engines and ship objects buttons.


  • Crew members in the cafeteria should now be able to grab their food when ordered by the player to do so.  (Assuming they are not currently eating)


Alpha V1.5 Patch Notes


  • Room monitors have been added to the ship in order to quickly at a glance determine supply usage and ship efficiency.  Monitors have been added to the bar, cafeteria, command room, engine room, and medical bay.
  • Object selection has been greatly improved to assist in determining what is occurring.
  • Bar music has now been added via the jukebox.  Simply click on a respective jukebox and click the turn on music option.  You can also change the tracks of the music you wish to listen to.


  • Level up icons have now been updated.


  • An auto refill option has been added to the bar, cafeteria and medical bay.  The supplies for each of these rooms are depleted as crew members use them.  As soon as an item is depleted if the auto refill option is enabled the room will take a supply from the ship and place it in the room for available use automatically without player interaction.  
  • New rooms have their default supplies automatically maxed.
  • You can no longer select an room and see an overall status.  Instead the game has moved to a focus on the objects inside of the room.
  • Objects now can be retracted by clicking the up and down arrow.
  • Bar
    • Now has a monitor in them to help illustrate the number of supplies available for drinks.  As soon as someone has a drink the number will deplete.  When empty no more drinks will be provided.
    • Drinks bonus to fun rating have been increased by 500% to accommodate the higher need.
  • Cafeteria
    • Now has a monitor to illustrate the remaining number of meals before costing an additional supply point. Depleted as soon as someone grabs a meal.
  • Command Deck
    • A weapon output monitor is now on the left side of the room.  The monitor fills as workers work on weapon consoles and displays the number of weapon power units being created each in game cycle.
    • A shield output monitor is now on the right side.  The monitor fills as crew members work on shield consoles and displays the number of shield power units being created each in game cycle.
  • Engine Room
    • A weapon power monitor is now on the left side.  The monitor fills as more weapon power is created and decreases as the power is used.
    • A shield power monitor is now on the right side.  The monitor fills as more shield power is created and decreases as the power is used.
  • Medical Room
    • A medical supply monitor has been added.  This keeps track of the number supplies available for use before costing additional supplies.


  • Object selection UI has now been updated to include the current user, production rate for applicable items, and current item status.  
  • Place holder icons have been added when selecting an object and clicking the repair, view map, turn off and change musical track options.


  • Engine room objects can now be properly selected for repair.
  • The FTL drive collision detection has now been corrected.
  • Kicking mechanics out of the crew while selected should no longer show any issues.


Alpha V1.4 Patch Notes


  • Major updates to the Crew specifically with the morale system, leveling and perks/issues.


    • Crew member's feet will no longer be shown when using the shower or restroom.
    • Updated the crew member type selection images in order to fully optimize its space.
    • In the event all your crew members are killed, there will always be additional crew members to hire to continue the game.
    • Crew members will no longer consider using a  broken room object when attempting to fulfill a need or job.
    • Crew members no longer start with advanced stats.  
    • The Morale system has been reimplemented.  Crew members working on the ships now are directly tied to their own morale.  For instance a crew member working on the shields could have the capability to produce 10 units of shield power.  If their morale is at 50% this results in an output of 5 units of shield power.  -- This system will be much clearer when the object updates are introduced to help drill down into this information.
    • Working on the ship now grants experience.  Experience is not gained when an item is already full such as working on a shield console when shields are at 100% or working the flight stick when the ship is not moving.  In the event of combat all skill gains will continue as it is deemed as working in a hazardous situation.
    • Crew members now have a formal perk and issue based on their attributes.  These traits affect crew interactions in the game world and allows for players who want to dive deep into the game mechanics an increase in ways to optimize their crew layout.


  • Showers no longer have a visual steam effect when in use.
  • A production icon will no longer appear when a flight crew member uses a shield or weapon console.  This is to make room for a new room monitoring system to be released in next alpha.


  • Default ship layout should now properly update between multiple ships. 


  • Left and right walls should now be properly alligned.

Alpha V1.3 Patch Notes


  • Galaxy map and sector map have been updated with additional features to add to gameplay.
  • Several combat enhancements including the ability to use evasive maneuvers.  
  • A default room layout for the starter ship has now been added.  The ship can then be optimized to one's own personal play style and optimize the ship accordingly. 


  • When activating evasive maneuvers the ships targeting will drastically decrease making it very difficult to hit the enemy.  Dodge chance however greatly rises making it extremely viable when needing to recharge weaponry while being bombarded by enemy weaponry.
  • Enemy shields when hit now have a visual and sound effect.


  • Galaxy Map now centers on the currently selected galaxy.  Galaxy map can no longer be dragged via mouse down.
  • Initial load will now properly display after clearing or leaving a galaxy.
  • Sector map locations are now properly randomized with the number of events and distances of travel allowing for more strategy for how to clear a galaxy.
  • Return to earth button has been replaced with close sector map button.  To return to earth simply click on the earth icon on the map and hit travel.
  • Sector Cleared message is now shown on the sector map when an entire sector has been cleared.
  • Engage FTL button should now be clearly shown when ready to move onto the next galaxy.


  • Pressing escape no longer skips multiple introduction screens.  Skipping screens now moved to on escape button's release.
  • Intro music should now properly end on the very last slide assuming the slides are not skipped.


  • Laser weapons research text has been shortened.
  • Pending research is now properly awarded after successfully returning to Earth no longer mid travel.
  • Conducting research can only be performed when at Earth's station.


  • Event reward text should be properly formatted.


  • A default ship load out has been added with the minimal viable ship build.
  • Drastically increased the speed at which room creation now occurs.  There should no longer be a pause as the initial path finding occurs.


  • Eve should no longer appear blurry.
  • Initial message in each tutorial should now properly show.
  • Introduction tutorial should no longer repeat the same message.
  • Various spelling and grammatical fixes.

Alpha V 1.2 Patch Notes


  • First pass of the new lighting system has been added.  All rooms will come with a default light source and additional lights can be added to customize room designs.  In the event of an in-game combat event the lights will indicate the situation via a red tint.


  • Additional context sensitive cursors added for the command room for the flight stick, weapon and shield consoles.  Only seen when a flight crew member is selected.
  • Completing an event should no longer pause the game after completion.  The game speed should return to the previous designated time.


  • When building rooms, the wall placement should react much more fluidly.  Clicking and dragging should feel in the gaps where appropriate providing a much better overall experience.

  • Standard wall light has been added to all rooms.


  • Enemy ships will now animate according to the current selected game speed.
  • Enemy weapons now have weapon sound effects.


  • Crew members will now walk on the right side of walkways depending on their direction.


  • Added margins to the reward confirmation window.


  • Set destination button now pulses to help indicate when you can begin traveling.


  • Camera sensitivity has now been added to the settings panel.
  • Currently disabled settings now have a label to help.


  • Upgrading the ships hull will repair the ship to the new max.
  • Replaced "REQUIRES ARK CONNECTION" to "MUST BE NEAR EARTH" in order to aid in confusion of why you cannot perform research away from earth.


  • In combat losing your ship will now properly remove all pending research points.
  • Introductions now have additional margins to ease reading.
  • Recruitment screen no longer has crew members heads clipping the name field.
  • Combat rewards should have the text properly scrubbed and cleaned.
  • Combat rewards should now be properly given.  
  • Combat targeting window should no longer block the research panel.
  • Event text should be properly cleaned.
  • Mechanics should now properly fix a repair request if the item has a broken status.  Previously the repair request was needed if they were on free time.
  • The current place holder current crew text found in the crew recruitment window should now default to the top of the list.
  • You should once again be able to select individual crew members in the crew management window.
  • Crew schedule buttons should no longer be blocked by crew member names.

Alpha V 1.1 Patch Notes


    • Crew schedules can now be modified via a radial menu that appears when clicking the schedule in the crew management window for ease of use. 

    • Mechanics can now repair ship objects directly via a right click.  When a mechanic is selected highlighting a ship object with an active repair request or broken icon will result in a repair cursor to appear.  Right click the object to order the mechanic to fix the object.


    • Main menu should be sharper now.  Updated imagery.

    • Settings panel graphics have been updated.

    • Crew members with non regulation haircuts should no longer appear to be twitching during their animations.

    • Ship Supplies now has a min and max displayed on mouse over.

    • All initial ships travel speed has been increased by 25%.  Additional improvements can still be purchased via research points.

    • Background music has now been set to loop.

    • Can no longer highlight background objects while in the Crew Recruitment, Crew Management, Research, Options, and Sector Travel windows.

    • Added a traditional close button to several of the UI elements for ease of use.

    • Ship options have been renamed to ship stats for a more accurate representation.

    • Weapon recharge cost has been replaced with weapon recharge rate.

    • Ship selection now has mouse over tooltips to help explain what each part of the ship means.


    • Right click dragging the camera should be more responsive.

    • Enabled camera zoom in and out functionality once again.  (Use mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out)

    • Ship should now once again properly zoom out when it is destroyed.


    • All enemy ships will now animate and fire at the player.  The fire animation sends a projectile at the ship allowing for the ability to react.


    • Crew recruitment window now has labels to go along with the  images to clearly display what each class is.

    • You can now view the current crew stats at a quick glance to provide additional knowledge.  First pass to get feedback.


    • Added margins to the text to help with reading as it was too close to screens edges.

    • Pressing a key should now load the image quickly.  Escape is still available to move to next slide however the ability to skip it completely will come with the save and load features.  Put in place to avoid hitting a key by accident and missing it completely.

    • Each slide has been increased by 3 seconds to allow for additional reading time.

    • The Sentient's origin name has now been removed as it led to some confusion.


    • Additional animation for selected circuit has been created.

    • Added a mask around the UI to block elements in the background.


    • Bar

      • The full bar is now the only required object necessary.

    • Command Deck

      • The basic command chair is no longer a required object.

    • Crew Quarters

      • The game board has been removed from the list of required objects needed.

    • Opening the build menu will hide the top overlay as the data is not relevant at that time and provides more screen space when modifying the ship.


    • The build menu tutorial has been reworded and shortened to reflect the latest changes.

    • Initial ship interface tutorial has been enabled once again to help with some of the guidance.

    • New tutorial added immediately after completing the initial ship completion requirements.

    • New tutorial added for combat as there has been a massive loss of ships during the alpha as players have been missing key features.


    • When just missing a hired crew the ship incomplete panel will properly display.

    • Crew management scheduled text should no longer be cut off.

    • Tutorials should no longer skip the first slide.  


    • Full screen mode option has been added to the settings menu but the functionality has been disabled.  Will be fully enabled in next build.